Thursday, 20 October 2011

hallway and proud mummy.

Ok so doing up the hallway and a little outhouse type room might not seem a big deal but I'm so thrilled!!! Our hallway has always looked horrible since we moved in, and since its the first room you see I was always embarrassed when anyone came round for the first time. Obviously bigger rooms, like the livingroom and bedrooms needed to be done first so its taken a while to get around to it but so glad its done now. :)
Love the colour of the door and the shoe cupboard. Much neater than just the shoe rack!

As well as the hallway we sorted the little breeze block room we had too. Its really tiny so couldn't be used for much, think it used to have the boiler in until it was moved upstairs. In a house as tiny as ours though any space can be used! lol. I didn't like how messy the coats looked in the hallway so decided to put them in here. Love this old looking coat hook I found in TK maxx. :)

As our kitchen is tiny, and as this room is always freezing we also decided to make it into a mini larder. So shelves have gone up for jars and theres a drawer set below which holds lots of tins and dried foods like pasta and rice. Also ordered a spice rack for the back of the door but thats not come yet. :)

Also a very proud Mummy. :) Camerons school photos came back yesterday. The one of him on his own isn't great, hes got his 'Yeah Im smiling now take the picture!' face on, but the photo of the two of them is beautiful!!! can't wait to get copies. Will obviously still get the photo of him on his own but getting lots of the one of the two of them. :) Also had Camerons first parents evening last night. Teacher is very pleased with his progress. Though he's easily distracted he plays well, works well and has made a good start to the school year. :) Happy mummy. :)


  1. Well done on the decoration. We need to redecorate but my OH wants to move instead lol. Well done to Cameron for a good school report.

  2. The hallway looks fab Gemma, I love the tiles and the colour of the door and what a great idea to use the other room for some of your kitchen storage and coats! The coats do seem to take over a hallway don't they! :)

  3. Wow the hallway looks great and I love how you've used the little room. Well done to Cameron for a great school report x


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