Monday, 3 October 2011

Seriously? It's October?!

Yesterday we went to the car boot sale and then for a picnic. Not something I expected to be doing in October! lol. Loving the winter sun! Caitlin made me laugh though:
Caitlin - Why are the rides not open mummy?
Me - Because its nearly winter love
Caitlin - (looking confused) but its not snowing its sunny!
Few hours pass....
Caitlin - I know why its sunny Mummy! Tinkerbell hasn't brought the snow yet!
So there we go guys, nothing to do with wind from Turkey or climate change, Tinkerbell's just decided to stay a little longer :)

She is so my daughter. She wanted to climb on the climbing frame but Mark wouldn't let her as she was too small. Full on argument began with Caitlin insisting she can do it. 'Go on then' Mark challenged. Big mistake lol, my determined little miss forced herself up and managed it. lol. Hope Mark learned from that!

Was amazed this week at how much craft stuff was at the car boot! you usually find some bits few are far between but one stall had sizzix dies, scrapbooking books the lot! I didn't like any of the dies but did buy these bits. :) £4 for the lot which I was pleased with as the felt is glittery and the little box is great storage. :) I also LOVE this bag! Ok it wasn't a scrapbooking bag its from boots so I think it originally had toiletries in it, but its got lots of little pouches inside so great for crops. And how cute is it!

Look at the zip, love it. :)

Well lots of housework to do today, and errands to run tomorrow. Also have a meeting with social worker as sisters finally been assigned a worker rather than an assessment worker. Joy, lol. Raised enough money to have my hall done though so will ordering that tomorrow. Yey!

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  1. Don't you just LOVE boot fairs Gemma? *Ü* I do and I am thinking that you got yourself a real bargain with your stash. TFS. ~Glen~


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