Sunday, 1 January 2012

New year :)

New year, new start as they always say. Well i was hoping for one but that got shot in the foot lol. 1 hour my sister lasted into 2012 before getting into trouble, chucking a hairbrush at her bfs nose and getting arrested. *sigh* oh well obviously starting as she means to go on! So woke up to a txt from the bf at 3 saying he was in hospital getting his nose sorted, went to police but couldn't get any info so home again to try and get some sleep. Just lucky really the girls weren't there. We also found out a few days before Christmas my grandad has cancer in his arm. But as we wont know details of that until the 6th, we're trying to stay positive.
OK so that's all the bad news out of the way! All things considered it was actually a really good Christmas/new year.
The Friday before Christmas I took Caitlin to see Cinderella at our local theatre. She did NOT like the ugly sisters but other than that enjoyed it. If I'm honest there were a few too many smutty joke for my liking but obviously they went right over Caitlin's head, lol.

Christmas morning went as expected lol. Lots of squealing, paper flying everywhere and very happy kids. :) Cameron was in such a frenzy and loving every gift that when he unwrapped his car track which was in a plain white box, he screamed 'look, Santa's got me a box!' lol.

Caitlin was a little calmer than him, but I love the differences in them. Cameron will just unwrap everything madly without fully looking at anything until its all unwrapped, while Caitlin will unwrap one, want to play, and actually need encouraging to open the next gift, lol.

After gifts were opened we went to my mums for breakfast and gifts from Granny. Grandad didnt feel up to coming up which was understandable but obviously sad. The kids were already flagging by this point so we brought them home to play with thier toys. :) Was the first time Ive not had dinner at my mums house for chrismtas which I thought would be weird but to be honest it was really nice it just being the four of us.

I didnt bother with a big roast dinner and just made a little buffet instead which went down well, and we played with the kids new toys and games. We got caitlin the Doggy doo game she wanted. Oh my god what a gorss game. The dog doesnt just poop it makes really discusting noises while its doing it! The kids (and daddy) found it very funny though so thats the main thing. :)

Well hope everyone had a great christmas and new year :) Will be blogging more now things are getting back to normal. Well, hopefully normal, you never know whats around the corner do you! lol

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