Tuesday, 29 May 2012

back to normal :)

Well three days since we got back from Turkey and the washings done, ironings almost done and food is restocked. :) Kids went back to school/nursery and think they're pleased to be getting back to normal too, lol. Wont last long though, half term next week! The holiday though was amazing! All my worries were groundless, the food was amazing (gained 9lbs, lol) and the kids had an amazing time. The weather was nice, not too hot, think it was hotter here tbh lol, so we spent most of the time by the pool. Was glad I brought the inflatables with me as they were never off them!
The staff were so nice too, couldnt do enough for us. They were a little too enamored with caitlin though, always ruffling her hair and talking to her, she wasnt impressed as she likes her own space but its her own fault for being so cute :p She did make a bit of a mess one night bless her, we were at dinner and the waiter had filled her water up too much, she picked it up carefully trying not to spill and he grabbed it to help her. Obviously at this point she pushed him away and hid in my arm, lol, but to make sure it didn't happen again as soon as he was gone she pushed the glass away, spilling it all over the table and mums food! Did stop him from coming back though lol.
On the subject of drinks, all were free, lol. Me and Mum would often go for cocktails after the kids club. There was free wifi in the lobby so kept us up to date with facebook too :) 
We went on a few trips while there too. The best by far was the kids 'sunsplash cruise' It was on a little boat where the adults relaxed on sunbeds on the top and the kids were entertained by the reps in the shaded bit downstairs. Caitlin met a lovely little boy called Archie there and they were pretty much joined at the hip the rest of the holiday :) Was nice to have her go and play and not get clingy to me. 
We also went to a local market which was SO cheap! Got loads of bits and only spent about £60.
Last one was the mudbaths, which in my opinion were pretty rubbish. I thought it was going to be all mud but it was really watery with all the mud at the bottom. They did have a hot springs pool there too which the kids loved. :)
Don't know if I mentioned it before I left but we went to the drs and Mark was given the OK to swim :) Was a good job really as had a hard time getting Caitlin out of the pool! Her friend Archie was a really good swimmer so obviously Caitlin was determined to be too :) She did really well, spending hours just swimming around in circles with her arm bands on :) Going to look at getting her swimming lessons along with Cameron. 
Quite sad its all over now. Probably won't be able to afford one next year so looking to the year after :) Any suggestions? lol

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