Wednesday, 16 May 2012


Not much blogging from me lately, but to be honest I've not really done much! lol. Went shopping with my mum for holiday clothes on Sunday. We shopped from 10am to 4pm and I got a bra and shoes, and she got a pair of shorts. What we did all day I have no idea, lol. Other than that just been cleaning, reading and sorting out the garage and garden when we've had a bit of sun, sporadic as thats been. Anyway back to WOYWW. :) I still can't share the layout I did for the sketch challenge on UKS but one element of it was lots of circles. I loved how this looked so have used it again on a double layout I'm doing.
I'm trying to use up all or most of a kit before resining the rest to the scraps box, so lots of Christmas layouts will be done in the next few days I think. lol. I've certainly got plenty of photos to use up anyway! Another kit I need to use is this one. :) Im hosting a kit swap on UKS and this is the one I got. Scrapping night tonight I think :)

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  1. That layout looks lovely. I can't believe you shopped for all that time and hardly bought anything, I guess the bank balance was happy though :) x


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