Saturday, 12 May 2012

Woo hoo theres some sun!

It's kinda sad how excited I am that I can put my washing out on the line, lol. Perfect timeing really as the last of the summer clothes have been brought out, sorted and washed. Now all hanging on the line getting dried :)Means a big ironing pile tonight but oh well. lol I've also been doing a bit of scrapping :) One I can't show you as its for a challenge but did a couple while watching Britains got talent that are ok. This is a picture of me, Caitlins and my mum at christmas. mum bought her a Peppa pig music set which she loves, but obviously we had to be a band too. lol. This did start out being coppied from a sketch but I wasn't paying attention when cutting the red paper and cut it too small so kinda made it up from then on lol.
I haven't added the journaling to this one yet, planning on doing it in the pink space on the right and side of the page, but it seems to take me ages to add journaling as I move on to another layout so thought I'd best photograph it now lol.
Can hear banging from upstairs *sigh* typically as soon as I'd gutted the kids rooms this morning and sorted out all their toys they wanted to play in there. Going to have to do a big clear out of Camerons room when we come back from holiday as he's got so many toys hes grown out of now. Theres a HUGE box of duplo under his bed he never touches anymore because he plays with the older, tiny lego (fun to stand on in the middle of the night I tell you!) Hes still got loads of Thomas track too which he rarely plays with as its more 'hot wheels' now. Caitlin however plays with everything she has so don;t heave the heart to get rid of her stuff. Though really a lot of hers are the bigger role play toys, like houses, farms and the toy shop and Cameron plays with those too. Caitlin made me laugh the other day, my mum and dad came round and dad was forced to be a customer at Caitlins shop. So he picks all his plastic food he wants, goes to her at her till and hands her some of her plastic pennies 'No Grandad reall money!' She demands! Dad didnt help the situation when he actually gave her some real money though, lol. Not daft is she!

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  1. Caitlin has made me laugh, she'll never be poor! :) Great layouts x


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