Thursday, 3 May 2012

Having kids

Obviously this time of year I spend a lot of time thinking about the kids births, babyhoods and how things have changed since then. When I got pregnant everyone told me about the things I was giving up, free time, sleep, money etc but theres so much nobody even mentioned! How every sneeze and sniffle will have me worrying about killer bird flu, how I will NEVER feel I'm doing enough, how I will happily spend £120 on 4 UV resistant, sun safe costumes for the kids, but £18 for a bikini for me is just too much, how I never feel comeplete untill we're all under the same roof again. It just changes every aspect of your life. Its like this upcoming holiday, swear I'll be happier when we get back home, lol. before when i went away I'd worry about there being enough to do, having enough money, looking like a whale on the beach and thats it. Now its money, suncream, mosquito bites, stuff to do, food, hygine, dehydration, people who might want to kidnapp/assult/hurt the kids, plane crash, illneses, what if they get bored/scared/lost/sick/want to come home?! I'm so glad I'm going with my mum and dad, feels a lot safer and another 2 sets of eyes on the kids will keep me calm no end. Logically I know most of my worries are unfoundedmy mum certainly told me so when i shared my latest worry about what if the plane crashes in the water and camerons the only survivor and is stuck in the water all alone?! Granted her exact words were 'if the plane crashes we're all dead go get a drink and calm down' lol but OMG its so hard!! And the scary thing is, this is the easy part! God help me when tey grow up and go out in the world and make their own choices. How are more parents not alchoholics? And on that note I'm off to get a glass of wine and remember that this time 4 years ago I was just getting ready to go to hospital to have my wonderful baby girl :) But before Caitlins birthday fully starts heres some photos from Cams birthday


  1. Happy Birthday to your little man, they grow up fast don't they :(

    My youngest will start school in September and beginning to wish he would stop growing so I could delay him going though I know he is totally ready lol.

  2. Looks like they are having a fab time. And it is only natural to worry, according to my mum it gets worse as you get older as eventually there will be grandchildren to worry about too LOL!! Now I bet that has cheered you up no end!!!!

    Karen x


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