Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Birthday Party :)

Saturday was the long awaited, much anticipated birthday party. To say I was nervous was an understatement. Will anyone show up? Will there be enough food? Have I made enough party bags? It was bloody horrible! lol. Almost took one of the Vallium the dr prescribed me. Turned out I was worried about nothing :) Lots showed up, was plenty of food and lots of party bags left over so all in all a good night. :) The kids had a great time too, obviously I made them have some photos taken before they left. Camerons going through a phase where he just cannot smile like a normal person! He either smiles showing his teeth and looks like hes grimicing, or he sucks his lips in, and looking at the camera? Just doesnt happen! lol. So even though I took loads and bribed and begged, this was the best one. :) Still sucking his lips in but at least hes looking at the camera.
I didn't get many pictures at all at the party, the kids were never still for long enough. Dissapointing but shows what a great time they were having. was nice to meet so many of their friends and parents too as often hear about the kids but no idea who they are. lol. Cameron in particular had a little shadow in the form of a boy named Jack, who strangly isnt mentioned too much normally, lol, he spent most of the night hugging and holding Camerons hand. I was actually pretty impressed at how nice and well behaved the kids all were to be honest. Obviously working in schools before I've seen how nasty some kids are to each other but they were all playing nice, hugging and helping each other out. Makes me much happier to send him to school to be honest. :) This is the best photo I took all night, lol. As it was at a place called Cheeky monkees, the cake is brought out by a giant monkey. Caitlin is NOT fond of people in costumes so she is off somewhere with Mark while this was taken, but Camerons quite happy, and a normal smile for once!
Things are still going well with my sister, so she came along with the girls. Lillies going through the phase all the kids seem to go through where Mark is the best thing since sliced bread, I think it's because he just acts like a big clown, lol. my Gran calls him Mr tumble. SO many people have asked me since if shes mine as Mark had her for pretty much the whole night, lol. Shes a cutie though, :) Doesnt help with my broodyness!
Well off to town this afternoon, now the party is done focus has shifted to the holiday, so got to get some money out to exchange, and also get some shopping as the cupboards are very empty! lol


  1. Glad it all went well, big monkey's a bit freaky though!

  2. Glad the big bash was good and loving the netbook too:D well done on the desk clearing... fancying doing mine for me?


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