Friday, 4 May 2012

Birthdays all done :)

Sigh of relief, it's all over for another year lol. Just trying to find a place for all the toys now! Regretting buying her a Barbie fashionista castle, WAY bigger than I thought it was! Doesn't fit in her room so stuck in the living room, along with everything else the toys are now slowly taking over again. lol But Catilin had a great birthday :) We first went down my grans so she could get her gifts there. Was funny as she doesnt often go down without Cameron and she was really shy! Always amazes me how much she relys on him. She soon brightened up though and opened her gifts.
At her birthday party someone bought her a disney cd with some disney princess songs on and a book she could read the songs along with. Caitlin was SO excited about listening to it in the car, so we're driving along, she looks confused and asks 'when does the story start?' poor girls face just fell when I said it was just music. My heart bled for her! So my brilliant granny got her some books and cd storys for her birthday :)
I love this photo, Caitlins so expressive compared to her brother lol. Shes a huge fan of Hello Kitty stuff. No idea where shes never seen a programme or read a book of her, lol, but this is her opening a Hello Kitty jumper my mum got her.
See what I mean by expressive, lol, this is her new toy shop, another huge toy in my tiny living room, lol.
Recognise the charecter on the cake? lol The candles we used were sparkler ones, which while pretty are SO hard to blow out, lol. Ended up taking 3 of them to do it.

So this morning was immunisations. Cameron was fine as usual and caitlin was ok.Nurse was a lot nicer but chatted to her for ages first. I think she was trying to put her at ease but I just kept thinking 'get on with it woman!' lol, Camerons back at school now so onto the housework!

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  1. Great cake and glad the jabs are over and done with too, don't know what to suggest about toys but have you thought about disappearing any of the older toys?;-) lol you know what bugs me... as parents we fork out for expensive presents yet the go mad for a bit of plastic tat from BurgerKing and throw a hissy-fit if you suggest binning it after a couple of weeks!!! lol


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