Wednesday, 30 May 2012


I realllllllly want to redo the living room! I get bored easy and now the holiday is over I've got nothing to distract me lol. We can't afford to do the whole thing again (furniture, paint etc) so think I'm just going to repaint the walls and maybe move things about a bit. We've managed to clear lots more space in the garage (not enough to put the car in but don't think that'll ever happen lol) so planning to move some of the kids toys in there to give more room in their rooms. I know I'm forever moving stuff about but this house is just so tiny! its literally half the size of our old house, which is nice as its cosy but by god theres never enough room, lol. Speaking of making room I haven't scrapped in ages! While we were away this months Sarahs cards kit arrived.
Along with my scrapbook magazine. Marks out tonight so maybe get a bit done then :) still have a few half finished layouts on my desk so hopefully finish those too, lol.


  1. I'm always changing rooms about - I'm in the process os making it more summery with new colous etc

  2. The kit looks gorgeous, have fun with the living room change! :)


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