Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Catch up

So been another week since my last post. not really very good but its one of those things I guess. Time for a catch up and Im sorry in advance for the mammoth post!

Thursday my sister had the baby, Ollie. Safe to say there were mixed emotions there so moving swiftly on!

Friday was a nice distraction as Caitlins friend came round for a sleepover. First non-family member I've had sleep round so we made a big deal of it. We made chocolate lollies, decorated pillowcases and watched films. Girls seemed to love it :) Cameron stayed next door until almost 11 so he was happy too lol

Saturday was, eventful. Caitlin is terrified, I mean seriously terrified of the dentist and everything to do with her teeth. So Saturday when she was crying her wobbly tooth hurt it was nightmare enough to get her to let me look at it. When I did I saw it was hanging by a thread and whenever she bit or anything it was pushing it into the gum hurting her. But could I tell her that, nope. Poor girl was hyperventalting every time I went near her. Took over an hour for her to calm down and she managed to pull it out so thank goodness that is over!

Sunday was a much needed, relaxing family day out :) We had some vouchers left from the Summer for Wicksteed park so went there. First we went round the car boot sale where Caitlin got a pair of roller skates and a helmet
while Cam got a big bag of pokemon cards, his newest obsession lol. The kids had a great time going on lots of rides and the weather was amazing. We really lucked out.
Though it was still a bit chilly so Caitlin stole Marks gillet lol.
I also managed to get my last photo for the scavenger hunt!
19. A public garden
I'm posting this after the deadline so never mind but I did take it in time so counts to me lol.

Monday was amazing! Caitlins been in desperate need of some new furniture for her room for a while, her toy storage isn't much younger than her lol. So I wanted to get her some of the units from Ikea but delivery was £35! Cheaper to drive there! Mum wanted a few bits too so Mark and I set off.
While there I decided to surprise Mark, he's a HUGE Jamie Oliver fan and has always wanted to eat in one of his resturants so we went to Jamies Italian. Mark was thrilled bless him :) It was a pricey meal compared to where we usually go but tbh the servings were huge! I had muchrooms to start and that filled me up so much I asked them to wrap my burger up to take home as I wanted a pudding and wouldnt manage it otherwise lol. Mark kept joking he couldnt take me anywhere.
Pudding was worth it though, chocolate brownie and salted caramel ice cream, yum!
Obviously had to bring something home for the kids so brought them a do it yourself Krispy kreme doughnut each. Very happy children lol.

Today I gutted Caits room, built her furniture and rearranged it and I'm thrilled!!!!!
I moved her wardrobe round and put some of her loved but not played with teddies on the top for space.
Her desk which she loves :) I want one now.
Tidied under her bed and managed to get rid of one of her basket things which has really seen better days. I replaced it with a fold out pillow my Granny made for her. It can be folded up like this to sit on, or folded out into a long pillow for her to lie on and watch tv.
and last but not least is her new unit and rug :) I LOVE this unit as it fits so many toys and looks much more grown up. She also has her tv at her level now so she can change her dvds if she wants to :)
Safe to say she was made up and has been in there constantly since she got back from school, yey :)

Today was less fun. I woke up with a full on cold thats been threatening for the past few days so spent the day in bed catching up on paperwork and sleeping. Suppose I needed it but hate being poorly. Seem to be picking up a bit now though which is good as have training tomorrow with my Mum and looking forward to that :)


  1. Congrats on the new arrival!
    A busy week!? - Mark didn't look too impressed with his surprise!!!
    Hope you're feeling better?

    1. He doesn't like getting his picture taken lol

  2. Wow you have been busy - Caitlins room makeover looks lovely and what a fab idea to have a fold down desk


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