Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Ok so I'm the biggest idiot in the world

Tomorrow we were supposed to be going to see Micheal Mcintire at the o2 in London. I booked the tickets months ago, had the train tickets booked, babysitting sorted and all was organised. :)
So my Mum phoned tonight to make sure we were still going and everything was ok and I realised I didn't actually have the tickets for the show yet. So I phoned the o2, and the conversation went like this:
Me - Hi I'm supposed to be coming to see Micheal Mcintire tomorrow but I don't have my tickets yet?
o2 Lady - Oh, I thought we had Lee Evens tomorrow night?
Me - No the email def says October first.
O2 lady - Oh yes I've found it now, he's performing October 1st 2015
*I look closer at the email*
Me - Oh yeah, that will be why I don't have the tickets then!
Mortified!!!! Rung my Mum and told her we didn't need her to babysit, think she peed herself.
To be honest it's probably a good thing. the weekend wiped Mark out big time and he's still sleeping constantly so think another day out might have killed him off!
So rather than an early night tonight I decided to watch some TV and try one of my new Oreo Tassimo hot chocolates. While nice, this was how much one ped made
Felling just a little bit ripped off! lol


  1. Ha ha! We're going to see MM in Crewe on Tuesday night!! It's a new routine he is trialling out in a small theatre, 4 towns from front, should be good! Shame you have to wait a bit longer!!

  2. Oops! At least you still have it to look forward to! Goodness, that is a bit of a short measure. I guess you won't be buying those again.


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