Saturday, 27 September 2014

Shopping :)

Well today we took Caitlin shopping to try and perk her up a bit. For the most part it seemed to do the job :)
Was lovely walking about and looking at clothes with her, though can see it being a very expencive hobby in the future :) Today we settled with 2 pairs of trousers, some new hair bobbles and some bracelets. She also got a pink backpack which she had been after for a while so that pleased her.
As we were having a girly day we took the kids out for a cheap lunch which they loved and I thought would save me cooking a big dinner. Nope! When I'm worried I cook or clean, and as the house is tidy I ended up doing a huge pot of Chilli to freeze. I'm one of those people who has loads of pre-made foods in the freezer just in case. No idea what the #just in case' will be but best to be prepared lol.
As I was being SUPER nice, and the kids were really missing their dad, I gave the kids some of my Ben and jerries.
Almost didn't get a photo as Cameron was shoveling it in his mouth so quick he wouldnt even look up! Def my son lol.

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  1. You must've been in the Boy Scouts in a previous life ;)


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