Sunday, 28 September 2014

Marks home :)

Picked Mark up this morning so yey I can breathe again :) Think Scamps going to miss sleeping on Marks side of the bed though :)
He always brings home some little bits and bobs for the kids so they were thrilled. He also brough some of the Harry potters every flavour beans. OMG they were discusting! When they say they taste like dirt they wern't kidding! Tried to get Cam to try some but he was too smart. lol.
Felt dreadful for Mark though bless him. He said he'd bought me something and was so pleased with himself, then he handed over a box of cherry pop tarts. 'Only £4, imported from America' He said with a huge smile on his face, then he found out we had two boxes in the cupboard, two for £3 from Asda lol. Bless him, I was touched by the thought though so didn't matter to me we already had some. Just gives me more to enjoy :)
Was even more touched by this though, look what Mollie bought for me at the car boot sale this morning :) Little sweetheart.

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