Saturday, 1 November 2014

No spend November!

Wow we're in November! How did that happen?! So another catch up :)

Caitlin had a birthday party tonight and Cameron had his very first sleepover outside the family. Both had a great time though think our neighbour regretted offering to let him sleepover lol. Neither Cameron nor Cody (their son) are bad kids but when they get together they just go nuts! Think it was gone 11 when she txted me to tell me they'd gone to sleep.
So while Cam was there we took Caitlin and Evie to the birthday party. They had a great time though Mark and I were bored out of our minds. Glad we could take them though :)

For the past two months we've been saying about going out for a chinese, but something comes up every time. So we were all surprised we actually managed it! Was a lovely night as the kids played nicely while the grown ups ate and drank. What more do you need! Caitlin took a lovely photo of us all :)

You know this was only yesterday and I'm not overly sure what we actually did all day lol. During the day Caitlin went out with my Dad then round her friends for dinner so we barely saw her, and Cameron was quite happy playing in his room so was such a quiet day!
I managed to get some bits made for gifts and swaps which I can't share but can share another layout :) Simple one of Cait and Cam in Turkey last year :) Seems so much longer ago than that!
Well as it was Halloween we had planned to stay home, get into PJs and watch a kids scary film. Then Cody knocked on the door trick or treating and that was it the kids were desperate to go! Luckily Cameron was wearing his Captain America onesie so he just went out in that. Caitlin threw on her blue princess dress and off we went! Considering we only went to two streets the kids got loads! They were so excited so I think its going to have to be an annual thing now lol.

So we're now on Saturday and the first day of November. Just like last year we're skint. I've put too much on cards and gotten in way over my head, so this month will again be No spend November!
Basically we're aiming to spend as little as possible this month and only on things we NEED not things we want. With the aim of running down the masses of food we already have and paying a little bit more off the card.
As last year there will be some exceptions:

- School trips for the kids. Don't want them left out.
- Perishable foods, or foods we run out of. All the cupboards, fridge, freezer etc are full, but I'm dreadful for buying more because its half off, or I fancy it, so while I aim to run down what we have we will need to buy more milk, bread, fruit etc. Also if we run out of staples, such as cheese, then thats ok. Non staples, like wine, chocolate, crisps etc well once those are gone they're gone.
- Advent calender for Cameron. Haven't bought one yet and kind of need to do it this month lol.
- £30 for a day trip with my Mum and Gran. I booked a coach trip to Birmingham Christmas Market ages ago for November 15th. Now I don't need anymore Christmas gifts really but I don't want to go with nothing. So I plan to sell as much as possible by then, and if I'm doing well on not spending I will take £30 in cash and leave the cards at home to avoid any temptation.

As last year, I have a reward in mind. We've promised for ages to take Cameron down to London to go to the museums there, so if all goes well we're taking him on the last day of the month. IF we have paid off some of the cards by then!


  1. good luck with that Gemma! As usual, you are so organised for Christmas


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