Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Back to normal :)

Love my dog but he makes me laugh. As its been warm we've had the door open over summer so he's just gone and used the garden whenever he pleased. Now we're trying to teach him to ask to go outside when he needs to so whenever he does, then goes out and does the toilet he gets a little treat when he comes back in.
However he now thinks just going in and out deserves a treat so I've been up and down to open the door 14 times already! lol. He simply scratches at the door, runs out, runs back in and sits and looks at me wagging his tail. Um, no, lol.
So today we're all back to normality. :) Which was a bit of a rush this morning as my alarm didn't go off so we woke up to find the neighbour knocking on our door to leave at 8:30! We moved quick though and they kids were dressed and out the door by 8:40. Thank goodness for pop tarts :) Great portable breakfast lol.
Back home and hit the cleaning, tidying and finishing off a few bits including this elf door. My neighbour is buying an elf for her son this christmas so I offered to make a door for him. She seemed pleased so one job done.
Also I can now share my notebook I made for a swap as its been received. The theme was flowers so I picked some vintagey flowery paper and used that with some fabric ribbon down the side. The recipient liked it so thats the main thing :)
Sadly have a very upset little girl tonight :( She's going on a trip with her Rainbows group on Saturday, but its also one of her best friends birthdays so she won't be able to go to the party :( Broke my heart as she was really upset and couldn't stop crying. Said she could sleep in our bed tonight so hopefully that will help.


  1. Normality is great isn't it!?
    Love how dogs pick up on things so quickly when it comes to food!


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