Monday, 3 November 2014

Last day of half term!

This half term seems to have lasted a looooong time. Don't get me wrong I love having the kids off and spending time with them etc but seems they've been off for way longer than a week!
This morning they woke up in great moods however as my Gran is babysitting this afternoon. Mark and I signed up for a free craft class to do together so really looking forward to it. :)
Don't know about the weather where you are but it's starting to feel much more like winter here! Caitlin was in a bit of a sensitive mood this morning so I let her wear her new super fluffy, oversized jumper. Funnily enough it's a trait we both share, Mark has a fluffy jumper which is obviously too big on me, but whenever I'm feeling ill or sad it always cheers me up to snuggle up in it. Scamp decided to join the snuggle too. :)
The kids have been colouring and crafting a lot this morning (in between cuddles) so I've been making some of my christmas crafts too. Getting excited now :)
Well my elf door is only half finished so back to more layouts :) Thank goodness for these or I'd have nothing to blog for a while!
Simple layout which again needs journalling. Last winter I had my Eeyore hot water bottle out when Caitlin decided Scamp needed it more and put it in his bed. I didn't have the heart to take it back lol.
Like this layout :) The photo was huge so didnt need much to it. Used up lots more from the old embellishment pile too :)
Hopefully something new to share tomorrow :)

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