Sunday, 9 November 2014

frosty festivities

So yesterday to take my mind off Caitlin I took part in Jennifer Graces frosty festivities :) I love her blog events so it was a brilliant distraction and Caitlin joined in today too.
First prompt was:

Be Inspired:

Cut a giant aperture on your next project

Make a journaling card or tag in the shape of a Christmas themed item

Stick a big flower at the top of a Christmas tree
I copied the layout on offer and made this. Seriously old Christmas photos of Cameron opening some of his gifts. Not sure about this one as seems a bit plain compared to the one on the blog.
Loved this next layout though :) Prompt was:
Be Inspired:

Use felt to make a gift, decoration, or embellishment

Create a Santa with a coat that’s NOT red (eg. use stamps, die-cut machines, or hand-cut paper)

Use brads, buttons, and beads on your next project
I did this layout of Cam and Caitlin opening their Disney gifts the other year. We had wrapped up some old park passes, Mickey ears etc and asked them to guess what they thought it meant. I love I was able to get a picture of Camerons face when the penny dropped.
For the prompts I used a felt embellishment and some brads like the little stocking and gift in the corner.
Was a lovely relaxing day after yesterday :) Hopefully manage to do more tomorrow!


  1. Love you're felt embellishment. Two lovely,layouts :)

  2. Jennifers blog event is great isn't it. Good to see how she inspired you x

  3. Great layouts and well done on using mega old stash x

  4. These both look great! I think you've got the right amount of embellishment on the aperture page, it helps the photos take centre-stage. The felt Christmas pudding and the bright colours on the second page are gorgeous. And I love how you told them about Disney, that was a great idea!

    Thank you so much for joining in my Frosty Festivities event! x


Thanks for your comments. :)