Monday, 10 November 2014

More crafting

Had a very productive day today! :) First finished off another layout from the frosty festivities blog event. Loved the result on this one, never thought to use glitter ribbon to make little trees. :)
Decided to go a little different for the next one :) As I've mentioned I'm throwing a Frozen themed party for the kids next month and this prompt inspired me to make some more party favours :)
Be Inspired:

Add a hat and scarf to a character on a card, layout, or other project

Alter a shop-bought bauble / ornament

Paint a swirly branch

So I dug out some old wooden showflakes I bought for 10p each in the sales last year and made these :)
I love them! I cut the twine off and covered the hole with the gems. Glued some coffee stirrers together and wrapped them in ribbon for the handles and added some more ribbon to make it pretty. Hope the girls like them too :)
Last one for today. Went a little off with this one lol.

Be Inspired:

Wrap wool or thread around an embellishment

Add baubles to a tree or stars to a wreath

Use paperclips on your next project

I started by making a star from hama beads which I planned to make into a mini hama bead wreath. That turned into a hama bead tree, which turned into a huge wreath for Caitlins door. Got the mojo flowing anyway!

So I'm thrilled with all my crafting done today. :) Might have to do some housework tomorrow, bedroom looks like a bombs hit it again.


  1. those little glitter trees look great x you have been very productive!

  2. You are a Hama master! That wreath is amazing.

  3. Wow, you have been busy! These all look beautiful, I like your different colour trees on the layout, and the frozen wand is perfect, every little girl in the world would like one of them I'm sure!

    I love the wreath too, it's so unique and I'm really impressed with your hama bead skills! I bet Caitlin is happy with it! x

  4. There's just no stopping you with the Hama beads. Cute little wands. I saw some snowman cupcakes the other day and thought of you.


Thanks for your comments. :)