Saturday, 8 November 2014

This week in one post

Another catch up post. Getting used to this now lol.

Bonfire night! We don't really do much as standing in the cold waiting for fireworks isn't really our thing lol. This year however Camerons school had a baking contest where they had to make bonfire/firework themed cake and bring it in. Camerons not really into that so picked a nice easy cake for him to do. Few chocolate fingers, some icing and food colouring and we're done :) He was pleased with it and though he didn't win he was happy just to take part.
In the end we watched some fireworks the neighbours let off. cait was terrified bless her. She gets so anxious about everything these days, got to keep an eye on that. :s

Well today poor Mark was in bed with a headache so I put the monitor on and spent the day at Gemmas crafting. :) We're doing a craft class at the school so I was doing some simple designs on bunting to give the kids some ideas on what to do.
Tonight was very exciting for me :) I LOVE all the Christmas themed food that comes out and a big one is the Costa cups and flavoured hot chocolates. I got an email saying they were opening late on Thursday so you could come in and sample the new range before it went out on Friday. I was so excited! Rung my Mum and asked if she wanted to go for coffee Friday, she suggested going Asda late night Thursday then popping in for coffee on the way home. Yey! Love my Mum, she supports my insanity lol. Throughly enjoyed my brownie hot chocolate and Mum loved her prailine cappachino.

Well today was difficuilt so had a bit of retail therapy. I know I said about no spend November but everything seems to be going wrong so just keeping an eye on the spending instead. Think I'm going to need a few small treats every now and again! So I picked this up from Poundland :) Mark called me cruel but Scamp loves it! Ok he hates the hat but he loves the collar with the bells on lol. I took it off him and he followed me and stood looking at the cupboard I put it in until I put it back on lol.

Today was so hard!!! My baby girl went on her first trip without me. :( Shes been on school trips before but I've gone too (perks of being on the PTA) so this was very hard. She was going to Drayton Manor with her Rainbows troop and I knew she'd have a great time so I had to let her go. 11 hours without talking to her through......
Was SO pleased when she got home :) She was shattered poor girl and I had to give her a massage, hot water bottle and neurophen as her legs were causing a great deal of pain but think it was worth it for her. :) Might be a bit easier next time. Doubt it though.

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  1. One thing I'm going to miss about being next to Costa is the Black Forest Hot Choc, I love it!


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