Sunday, 30 November 2014

Give up lol

I think I should give up attempting to blog daily for a while lol. Just been so busy with everything the days are speeding by!
Ive been crafting for the party again, making gift bags this time.
Lights for my niece.
and another pony as a thank you for Mollie letting me steal a load of her black hama beads :)
Caitlin has also been crafting, making this Christmas log in her Rainbows class. :) Was so impressed with it! Its an actual wood log with plaster for the snow. Now takes pride of place in front of the tv.
I've also been enjoying baby snuggles!!! My Mum was babysitting for our friend while she went out so I took Cam over to see Nanny while I had cuddles. Swear mine were never this tiny.
Cameron bless him was terrified of Lucas! This was as close as he would get lol. I suggested giving him a cuddle and Cam very carefully reached out, rubbed Lucas' back, and said 'Alright mate, you ok?' Bless him! Not a baby person then lol.
Well don't know about you guys but its def getting colder here!!! Scamp seems to agree as this was his response when I suggested getting out of bed today.
Fx I blog a bit more now a lot of jobs are done!


  1. I thought the baby was your sister's when I saw the pic!
    Yep, life gets in the way to blog daily or do anything at the minute - maybe after Christmas things will settle!

  2. The bags are lovely, yes it is a struggle keeping up with blogging at this time of year. I'm still a bit all blogged out after blogging every day for Blogtoberfest. Cameron is so funny!!


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