Friday, 21 November 2014

Lots of very busy days!

Well, I finally have a chance to sit down with a coffee and blog lol. its been lots of very busy days here but in the run up to Christmas that's expected really.
So a quick run down of what I've been up to:
- Took Scamp to the groomers. Poor boy was shaking like a leaf when we took him in but the staff were lovely and he soon settled. He even got a free scarf saying 'My mummy loves me' doesn't he look impressed lol.
- Hama beads, hama beads, hama beads! I'm making wall decorations, games and other gifts with these little toys. :) This is a tic tac toe game I made for Cameron and Cody next door.
Also finished Caitlins Elsa finally! I had to put an extra half snowflake on the bottom corner after my husband spilt water on it!!!!
- Christmas decorations. This year my Gran has changed her living room colours so is using silver and red. To save her shelling out lots of money for new decorations I've been making her some. So did these lights.
and these flowers. Also did some for Mum as her colour scheme is silver and orange and shes having a hard time finding those colours.
- Taking care of a poorly Mark. He's had another one of his headaches so has been laid up for the past week.
- Children in need fundraising. Been making cakes, other things to donate and dressing kids up for superhero day at school.
- Birmingham christmas market. This was SO much fun! We went to York last year and it was heaving! You couldnt get to most of the stalls. This was much quieter and managed to get a few unique gifts for people so was thrilled. Loved spending time with my Mum and Gran too :)
- Watching Christmas movies. It's certainly turned colder here, and its been raining a LOT so we've been spending a lot of time cuddled up watching movies together. Caitlin watched A santa clause' foe the first time and loved it so we've now watched all 3 in the series lol.
- Watching Im a celebrity! I LOVE this show! Its another sign that Christmas is coming :) Its tradition to watch the first one with a tub of sweets so this was me on the sunday night :)
- Snuggling with my dog dog. I was worried about him at first because since it's got colder hes really clingy. He usually loves his cuddles anyway but lately hes been glued to one of us at all times. I asked about though and apprently this is common for his breed as they are lap dogs so he's fine which is a relief! :)
- Making Christmas hampers. My Gran, Mark and the teachers are all getting Christmas hampers this year so was thrilled when my orders started coming in and I could get those made up. More crossed off the list!
- Shopping with mum. Took my Mum to Dunhelms the other night and Cam came too. Had a great time playing with all the christmas toys!
see what I mean!
So well done if you made it through that lot! Im spending today making up more christmas crafts so expect more photos soon. Swear this month is speeding by!!!!

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  1. Wow! You have been busy. Some lovely crafty projects here. Nice to see Jaki's preserves too.


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