Sunday, 2 November 2014

Catch up day

Sunday is always catch up day in our house. A chance to finish all the little bits and bobs that have been started through the week and get organised for the week ahead.
Now we're getting even closer to Christmas that 'to do list' is getting bigger and bigger so while kids were happy colouring I jumped at the chance to get as much done as humanly possible and finish off some bits and bobs. It turned into a very productive day! Again I can't share what I did because its for gifts, swaps etc but there were a fair few things crossed off which is a weight off my mind at least. :) Was also the first time I actually sat and used my new craft desk. Caitlin was on the bed watching a film with Scamp and I sat and finished off the snowman boxes for the kids to give to their friends. Was a lovely, peaceful, family day. :) Considering the weather was dreadful it was just what we needed :)
So as I can't share anything I've made, back to layouts I did while away!
Not my fave layout, but really wanted to scrap these photos. When Caitlin finished nursery they gave me some photos they had taken of her during her time there. They wernt the best photos, and most were laminated and dog eared from being stuck on the wall for so long but they were important to me so still wanted to scrap them. As they were so large I didn't do much to this one, just added a few scraps and a tinkerbell I've had in my stash for I think 6 years now so yey used it up!
More using up here. I had a huge sheet of chipboard leaves and other Autumn embellishments so decided to use them all on one layout. I plan to do the journalling in the right corner which is why its a bit empty, but I hate my handwriting so tend to do that part after photographing ;)
The photo os from a visit to the farm. Caitlin had asked and asked to go on the barrel ride, which she had been on countless times before, but for some reason when she got on it this time she looked terrified!
So lots done today, and I'm very excited about tomorrow. Our local childrens center is holding a free craft class each Monday in the run up to Christmas with the aim of teaching people to make gifts for Christmas to keep costs down. As we used to go there often, and I volunteer there they are very aware of Marks illness so we both decided to sign up. It's not often we get to do an activity like that together so I'm really looking forward to it :) My Gran is babysitting the kids as it's a teacher training day and to be honest I think they're more excited about that than they are about Christmas!

No spend November spend so far £0. Good start lol.


  1. Cute pages. I love those bits and bobs days when all kinds of chores in process get finished up. It's a lovely feeling, isn't it!


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