Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Counterfeit kit blog hop

Hello again hoppers :) Yep its me taking part in the counterfeit kit blog hop again :) Hopefully scheduling will work this time!
Assuming it does and you've managed to hop here from Clair, I have TWO layouts to share with you this month. the challenges were:

Challenge #1: Border Craze: Get crazy with borders
Challenge #2: Irish Challenge: Celebrate St Patrick's Day with some creativity!
Challenge #3: Desk Challenge: Take inspiration from the state of your desk

First I did challenge number one. It was set while I was on my weekend retreat so perfect timing and I came up with this.
I used pretty much a whole sheet of stickers, along with dew drops to create the flowered borders at the corners. I love this photo of the four of us in Turkey a few years ago, particually the kids so wanted to make the photo the main focus and used a polaroid overlay to highlight them.
Not often we get a nice photo of all of us so glad I scrapped it :)
So onto the second layout. The third challenge was to take inspiration from the state of your desk. I loved this idea! So different for a challenge. Obviously you were not allowed to change your desk you had to take it as you found it, and this was mine at that moment.
Clear gap in the middle, pile of embellishments at each corner and little bits dotted about the edge.
So with that in mind I made this, :)
Excuse my thumb at the bottom, Scamp was determined to be in the photo and kept climbing on my layout so this was the only way I could take the picture! Like my desk I decided to put the photo in the middle to be the blank space, then have two embellishment clusters in each corner. Its quite simple but I quite like it.
I'm loving little flags at the moment but in counterfeit spirit rather than buy more I made one out of a toothpick and a scrap of paper. Can see me doing this a lot more. :)
So I hope you liked my layouts, please leave a comment to let me know you were here :) There's lots of other talent on the hop, next on your list should be Margie but here is the full list in case you've got lost and stumbled on mine along the way.




Gemma - You are here








  1. fab love both layouts and love the desk inspiration!

  2. Gemma, these are both fabulous. I love that you used a full sticker sheet on one layout - it seems a liitle 'excessive' at first but it's better thsn them getting dusty, right? Go you

  3. How brave to share a photo of your desk - braver than me anyway (but then mine is still messier)!
    Two fab pages - love bold colourful chevrons

  4. Oh, I love your clusters and dreamy clouds! Great pages! and, I like your scrapping spot,...especially your collection of stickles. I noticed a pin at the top of your glossy accents a wondering how well it works. I am constantly unclogging mine with my paper piercer. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Both layouts look wonderful. Love the flowers on the first and the frame around the kids.Love the chevrons on the second one too.

  6. Lovely layouts, love the corner clusters!

  7. Love how you've interpreted your desk for this challenge. Great pages.

  8. Love that first bright happy page with the wonderful family photo! Hard to get those when on holiday without handing over your camera to a stranger.
    The clusters on the second page are a great capture of your desk, and your clever flag is adorable! (You can make those really easily with washi tape, too)
    Delighted that you're here :D

  9. Fun layouts :) Yep I have a desk like that to only mine is clear on the side for the same reason to create :) Love the scattering of the 1st layout and the big chevrons on the 2nd layout :)

  10. Unique approach with the large chevrons. Love the owl. Hope the next kit has flags in it. Could be a great way to feature the washie tape collection.

  11. Great LO's, both of them. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Great job on both layouts - I wouldn't have thought of extending the border into my page like you did on your first page. It came out great, and I will definitely be scraplifting your flags - wonderful idea to just make them yourself!

  13. Love it! You interpreted your desk really well too.

  14. two for the price of one! great job on both challenges and I love how you interpreted the borders in each of the corners and then the desk challenge! Well done and two great layouts


Thanks for your comments. :)