Monday, 23 March 2015


So I've not been about for a few days, had a few bad days but all good now :) Quick recap of my weekend

Cleaning, PTA meeting, Mollie stayed overnight. The day raced by!

Another busy one :) Took the kids to the cinema in the morning to see Home.
Really funny film, found myself laughing at a few bits that the kids didnt get so they looked at me like I was nuts lol. Rushed back as Cameron had a birthday party to go to, so dropped off him and Mollie and went shopping. Poor Caitlin wasn't feeling very well at this point. Put it down to too many sweets and too much driving about so she sat in the cafe with Mark while I got the shopping done. Was the first time in I don't know how long it came in under budget! Shows how much gets added to the list when The kids and Mark 'help'

Woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day :) Decided to clear the garage out and get out the summery toys which the kids loved! My garden was full of chalks, bubble mixture, hula hoops etc. Also had a very proud Mummy moment. Told the kids to go into the garage 'toy box' and sort them out into two piles. One the wanted, one they didn't want. A while later came out to three piles, one wanted, one for the bin, and one that 'kids who arn't as lucky as them and dont have many toys might like' Awww! :)
After all the cleaning the kids went next door to play there, I followed and ended up sharing a bottle of wine with the neighbour. We were chatting so much next thing we knew it was almost bedtime! We hadn't done dinner, baths or anything lol. So the kids had a quick bath and Pizza hut came to the rescue for dinner. A lovely relaxed day :)

Where did the sun go!? Cold and overcast today. Did some cleaning then finished off a hama bead project for Caitlins room :)
Plan to paint the canvas tonight and hopefully hang it up tomorrow. She's been a bit weepy yesterday so hoping it will cheer her up.

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