Saturday, 14 March 2015

Is it still Saturday?

Today has been one of those days where it seems to have dragged, but at the same time I've managed to get a lot done :)
Almost finished my Mums mothers day gift which is a good job really lol; done 3 loads of washing, stripped the beds and scrubbed the bathroom. I also dealt with a very sad little girl :(
All was fine until the afternoon when I told Caitlin she had spent enough time watching Stampy cat on youtube (4 hours is enough I think!) and she had to do something else. She went to her room and sulked.
Thinking it was a usual tantrum I gave her a while then went in to find her sitting staring at her arm and I knew it was bothering her. :(
Caitlins not one who just comes out and admit when something is upsetting her but when walking Scamp she opens up and chats more so off we went. Turns out she was trying to play this morning but everything she tried to do she couldn't, she was also upset we were supposed to go to the park tomorrow but there wasn't much she could do there. We managed to come up with a few things we would do and decided to go to the car boot sale in the morning to see if we could find some new toys so she seems cheerier now. She stayed at my Mums last night so I think she stayed up late and its probably tired too which makes everything SO much worse in a kids world doesn't it.
So crisis over these are the last of the layouts I did while away :)
First is one of random areas around Disneyland. Now I'm sure I did this one for a challenge but I can't for the life of me remember what one. Still pleased with this layout though :)
not overly sure on this one though, not a huge fan of the flowers. Id forgotten my bling so made my own using the liquid pearls I had with me :)
Now this one I do remember what challenge it was for. Again a new one for me over at Rochelle Spears blog spot here. The challenge was a tic tac toe challenge using this box.
I picked:
- Polka dot paper - the punched stars are.
- The colour green - The word 'are' and some green chevrons.
- Something that sparkles - You can't see it too well in the photo but I've dripped glimmer mists in the background.
Well as its Mothers day tomorrow I'll be able to share my Mums gift then :) Hope all Mums get a lie in and a nce relaxing day!

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