Monday, 16 March 2015

Its monday?!

After Saturday dragging Sunday just raced by! We had planned to go to the car boot sale but when we woke up at 6 it was horrible outside so decided against that. Unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep so decided to get up, make myself a coffee and enjoy the peace before everyone else woke at 9ish :) I did get told off because tradition is to give me breakfast in bed but didn't think they'd be grateful if I'd made them all get up at 6 just to feed me lol.
Once they were all awake though I was spoiled with my gifts :) Lots of hand made goodies from the kids, including a card from Caitlin which is super special.
When she handed it to me (its the one on the right) she looked upset, she announced she hadn't done it herself as they made it at rainbows when she broke her wrist, so the leader had to do it for her. But before I'd got there to get her she'd managed to sign it but her handwriting was a bit wobbly because it hurt. I almost cried! My baby girl was sitting there with a broken wrist and was worried about signing a Mothers day card for me!
As well as my beautiful handmade gifts I was spoiled with a special one from my amazing family :) I've wanted a Pandora bracelet for I don't know how long so was thrilled to open this. Isn't it beautiful!
As shes now got them I can share my Mums gifts :) First is her card, look I made a card! I'm dreadful with cards so quite pleased with this one. :)
Then her mothers day book. Its tradition that each yeah I make her a mini book with photos of the grandkids in. The little heart in the bottom corner has 4 pink gems, one for each granddaughter and 2 blue for her grandsons :)
Won't share all the pages but these are my two faves. One of my two playing in the summer,
and one of my niece playing at a park.
Today is mainly catching up now I have full internet back, then hopefully a little more scrapping time later :) Poor Caitlin has her cast changed tomorrow. No idea what they'll need to do so fx it is painless and goes well!

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  1. It looks like a lovely Mothering Sunday. Hoping the cast change went well.


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