Sunday, 29 March 2015

Plans gone wrong again, but glad they did!

Today was a very lazy start to the day. Cameron had slept over at my Mums last night and as expected Caitlin was exhausted so when I woke up this morning at 7 it was just Scamp and me. Rather than wake Cait and Mark I thought I'd let them sleep and went downstairs to tidy up.
So I cleaned the kitchen, collected all the dry washing, sorted and put it away, put out another load of washing, tidied the garden, cleaned the floors and come 10:30 I sat down with a cup of coffee and Scamp and I were STILL the only ones awake! Was getting bored by now so did some questionnaires online and watched tv until everyone finally woke up at 11:30. Cameron was dropped off a few minutes later so glad I had enjoyed the peace and quiet while I did as was all go then lol.
Played with the kids for a while and we planned a nice relaxing PJ day watching films and playing. :) Then I went on Facebook and realised there was a 'destash' event near me that day. Basically a little church hall in the next town holds one twice a year where people rent a table and sell unwanted craft supplies. I wasn't going to go, but messaged my neighbour about it and she was very excited so decided to get dressed, brave the dreadful weather and go along.
So glad I did! There was a woman there who really just wanted rid and had a table full of scrapbook stuff. I got this little lot for the bargain price of £15 :)
Managed the one layout today too, so brilliant day craft wise :)

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