Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Rain rain go away

I don't know what the weather has been like where you are but it's dreadful here! Windy, rainy, even had a freak hailstorm this afternoon which I got caught in and it hurt!
Days like these are perfect for staying home and bring crafty so that's what we've done :) I managed two layouts, first this one from Christmas just gone. Looking at it now I think it needs something in the top left hand corner, hindsight is a annoying thing sometimes lol.
As I have a HUGE amount of Christmas papers, embellishments, photos, I'm making it my job to work on that pile this week and get it down to a more manageable level. Some are newish, like the star die cut, and some are reallllly old, like the paper from one of my first Sarahs cards kit.
Another christmasy layout, using Christmas embellishments anyway :) Love this photo of Caitlin in the snow so kept it simple. I had to improvise a little with this one as I had misted the paper and stuck down the bits at the top and bottom, when Mark handed me a boiling hot cup of peppermint tea which in my haste to put down ended up splashing on the papers.
Wasn't impressed.
Ended up turning it upside down and having to move things about so the photo covered the tea stains lol.
Love this little snowflake charm. I bought a bag of them years ago and they were really cheap, since Frozen came out however and everything snowy is very in demand the price has shot up so now making them last lol.
So that was my morning while the kids played together. Obviously that didn't last so this afternoon was spent putting together some of Camerons minecraft toys he got for Christmas and playing with hama beads :)
Weather supposed to be rubbish again tomorrow so hopefully more layouts to share then :)

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  1. Gorgeous pages Gemma - I had a coffee accident recently...fortunately most of the paper was in plastic bags and it was only offcuts that got coated!


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