Thursday, 19 March 2015

Grown up colouring.

It's Friday tomorrow!!!! I'm really excited about this weekend :) Mollie is coming to stay tomorrow night and I got tickets for us all to see Home on Saturday so the kids will be thrilled. Then cam has a birthday party saturday afternoon so will be enjoying some girly time. Weather permitting we're hoping to go to the park Sunday so all in all have a nice weekend planned :)
In the meantime I've been enjoying this. I popped into my local shop yesterday and spotted the new magazine thats just out called art therapy. Basically its grown up colouring lol.
Mark was so impressed he got himself one too! So tonight we were all gathered around the table colouring in lol. Mark and I with our magazines, Caitlin with one of her many books and Cameron with some angry birds print outs.
Was lovely actually as it was so peaceful and we just sat and chatted. Can't see me subscribing to this but I've been told theres some similar books on amazon so might have a look. Who says you need to grow up? :p
Oh before I forget, I've done a post about Caitlin and Scamp, now for my oldest baby :)

Hi I'm Cameron :) Here are a few things about me.
- I'm nuts, absolutely nuts. Mummy and Daddy think it's impossible for me to keep still as I'm either moving, singing, chatting, jumping etc etc. Even if I'm sitting watching tv I'm bouncing or wiggling about.
- I love computer games. If it's electronic I love it. My fave games at the moment are Minecraft, pokemon and skylanders.
- I'm great at maths. I've always loved numbers, data, memorising facts etc. I've always been confused by grey areas and prefer knowing facts and figures so maths appeals to me.
- I have no middle ground. I'm either really happy, or really sad. Something which doesn't bother me in the slightest one day can leave me in floods of tears the next.
- I LOVE my food. Mummy thinks I was starved in a previous life as I'm constantly worried about where my next meal is coming from. Despite eating twice what Mummy eats thought I'm thin as a rake! Mummy says its not fair lol.
- I used to come out with very odd comments when I was little. About how we didn't have DS games when I was here before, or cars or anything like that either. I used to talk to people who wern't there and there was a man who came to visit me in my room who told me jokes and made me laugh :)
- My fave tv show in Phineas and ferb, and of course Pokemon. I take after my Mummy as I tend to pick a show I like, then binge watch it on Netflix until I've seen them all.
- My fave food is fish, chips and peas; but in all honestly there isn't much I won't eat.
- I hate it when people are sad. Mummy and Daddy have to watch films and things before I do because if someone on the TV cries I end up crying too :(
- I'm very protective of my little sister, I even fell out with my best friend because he was mean to her and refused to talk to him until he said sorry.
- I love being outside. Nanny said I should have been born on a farm as I love to just run around fields and trees.
- I'm very grown up for my age, and try and take care of my Mummy and sister when I can. Mummy says I'm her little star :)
- When I was a baby I didn't sleep. The first night I slept through I was almost 4. Mummy says I used to have a certain pitch in my cry where if I reached it she knew she wasn't sleeping that night. Funnily enough if I get upset now I still have that same pitch I reach if I get really sad.
- Mummy says I was born me and never changed. Baby photos of me I look the same but smaller, I loved my food, all electronic toys and putting my toys in order. Now I'm bigger I still love my food, all electronic toys and putting things in order :)
- Despite growing up way to fast, I admit I'll always be my Mummys baby boy :)

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