Saturday, 28 March 2015

Happy birthday Mummy :)

Today was my Mums birthday :) We had bought her a pandora charm to go with the bracelet that my Dad got her and to make the day special we all went out to lunch. Was a laugh form start to finish.
First everyone was (good natured of course) making fun of me because whenever we go to the Harvester, I fill up on the salad bar then take home my main meal for later. I know I know its dreadful but I LOVE the salad there and why waste it! If I had a choice I'd just go and eat that but they don't let you lol. Then the kids got 'make your own sundaes' where they had a an ice cream, and little pots of toppings to add like mashmallows and honeycomb. Cameron, being Cameron, managed to miss his huge ice cream and tip all his honeycomb into his drink. This of course the kids found hilarious!
Back to Mums for cake, then our friend came round with her baby boy so had cuddles too. :) All in all a lovely day :) (and I still have my burger in the fridge for tomorrow lol)

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