Thursday, 26 March 2015


Tuesday night I sat and made the invitations for Camerons Pokemon themed birthday. Only having a small party at the house and only needed to make 6 so didn't take too long :) Cameron loved them and I must admit I was quite pleased how they turned out too. Thank goodness for circle punches!
We've wrote all the details on the back ready for Cam to hand them out Friday.
Now of course as I did Camerons, Caitlin started to get impatient for me to do hers, despite the fact her party is over a month away. As hers is an art themed party I decided to do an artist pallet style one. I managed to make a grand total of.....
1, before Caitlin came into my room bawling her eyes out so I tucked her into bed with me. This of course means any colouring or anything which needs light had to be stopped, so now I'm watching Netflix on the laptop with headphones on.
One day I will learn to stop making plans lol.

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  1. Those invitations look brilliant. What's the saying? Life is what happens in between the plans we make!


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