Monday, 11 May 2015

Awol again

Wow been almost a week since I blogged. No idea why tbh, every time I sit down at the computer to blog my mind just went blank so I never bothered. it's still blank now really but I'm hoping if I start talking I'll figure out something to say lol.
So to start with anyway I've been doing quite a few layouts for Scrapbooking day. I've been using my new kit and 11 layouts later I'm down to just scraps. Been so long since I started and killed a kit as soon as I got it but it was so pretty and easy to use :)
First layout is quite a recent photo. Haven't done the journaling yet but it will tell the story of the time I was cleaning caits room and I wrote 'love you Caitlin' on her teddy. Later that night I put her to bed, and found the teddy sitting where I had left it but she had wrote 'love you too mummy' on the back.
Second is Caitlin at wicksteed park last year. We had a competition to see who could spin a hula hoop on their arm for the longest and Caitlin won lol.
Still can't think of anything interesting to say so I'll sign off until tomorrow!

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  1. What a precious memories those layouts hold. Sweet, indeed.


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