Thursday, 14 May 2015

Where did Summer go? :(

Bleh, woke up cranky this morning. Cameron was up most of the night with a cough bless him so nobody got much sleep, dentist this morning and its cold and grey outside so I'm ignoring the cleaning for a bit and curled up in bed catching up with the new Nashville which started last night.
I probably should be finishing the layout I have laid out on my desk but its the last of the lovely sunny kit I got the weather is killing my sunny mojo lol.
Oh well, still haven't shared the layouts I did last weekend so here is one of Caitlin and her first selfie :)
This is one of Cameron and Caitlin in Turkey. There was a large mushroom thing which I don't think the kids realised sprayed out water every now and again. I was taking a photo of them playing when it suddenly turned on. Never seen Cam move so fast!
Weather tomorrow is supposed to be nicer. FX as I have washing to do!

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