Tuesday, 5 May 2015

So much to share!

It's been a very busy fun weekend :) Yes I know it's Tuesday but this is the first chance I've really had to blog about it lol.
Saturday was our coach trip to Cadbury world and the Sea life center.
Cadbury world was fun but a LOT of walking for poor Mark. You got a few freebies but nowhere near what I remember when I was a kid. The kids loved seeing how chocolate was made while the adults enjoyed seeing all the old ads from when we were younger.
Cadbury world done we went to the Sea life center. This was much less interesting as it was packed and really just felt like we were shuffling through a crowd. The jellyfish were beautiful though.
Funniest part was when we discovered there was no cafe or anywhere to eat our picnic so we just parked ourselves in a quiet corner and settled down. People were staring at us as they walked past and Mum started joking we were on display. One Chinese couple actually took a picture of my dad eating a sandwich!
Sunday was my baby girls birthday :) I think she was a little surprised to come down to only one gift but was thrilled when she opened her own hudl :)
Managed to have a little time to play before her birthday party! :) As it was an art party there were lots of painting, making t-shirts and other activities before ending with her colorful cake :)
Poor Mark missed most of it as Saturday wiped him out. He's still pretty much bed bound but hoping he'll be up and about soon. :)
Tomorrow I'll start sharing some of the layouts I managed to do :)


  1. How strange there was nowhere to eat! Looks like a great day out though x happy Birthday Caitlin!

  2. I agree with Jules, having nowhere to eat is very odd! Glad you al had a wonderful weekend.


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