Saturday, 30 May 2015

Bad blogger

This week has been so busy and fun! I can't count the amount of times I've sat down to blog though then something else has happened to distract me lol. So right now Marks watching TV, kids are playing in Caits room and Scamp is licking my arm for some reason so I'm determined to get a post done this time :)
So catch up time I think!

Quick trip to town to buy food for Granny coming to dinner. Must have been fate as we bumped into one of Caitlins school friends while there. Conversation with the Mum went like this:
Her - Oh hi Caitlin, are you looking forward to Tuesday/
Me - Tuesday?
Her - Yes ***** (her daughters) party is Tuesday.
Me - The txt invitation said Thursday?!
Her - No its Tuesday.
Glad we bumped into her!

Relaxing day, then my niece came for a sleepover. 11:45 kids finally went to sleep!

Nightmare day. Remember how I said about that party Caitlin was going to? Well the invitation said it was at lazer quest. So we went to our local one. Waited, waited, nobody shows. Ring the Mum to find out its in the one in the next town!! Quick drive over there, 20 minutes late but Cait got there in the end. I was stressed out beyond belief by this point so drove to Asda and sat crying in the car park lol.

After yesterday I needed a break and today was perfect :) There is a mini theme park near us that sometimes puts on free play events for kids. We've been to quite a few in the past and the kids usually love them so we packed a picnic and off we went.
The weather was beautiful, and because the kids were happy playing together most of the grown ups time was spent sunbathing lol.
They did manage to convince me to climb on the haybale stack with them though, then they tried to shake the bale I was on while my dad took the photo lol.

Thursday saw me in London again! I've been more in the past 2 weeks than I have in my whole life lol. This time was a coach trip to the Museums for Cameron and Mollie.
I did worry they might get a bit bored but they loved it :) Cams fave area was surprisingly the underwater area with all the whales and other stuff like that (its getting late now I'm tired lol) He did make me laugh when he said 'This museum is blowing my mind!' :)
We still had time at the end for a quick trip to the Science museum down the road and I admit I wish we had gone there earlier. The kids loved the interactive area, it was like a kids playcenter but educational lol. Hoping to go again in the Summer and take Caitlin too.

Today was Marks 38th birthday :) We'd got him a few gifts and treated him to dinner out. Was a nice break for me to not cook as well as I was so tired from the day before.
There was a pub near us doing a 'feed your family for £15' deal, two adults meals, two kids meals and a giant ice cream. Bargain :)

Today! lol. Today has lasted so long! Marks friend took him out for the day so it was just me and the kids.
Its been a day of cleaning, crafting, bike rides, things breaking, crying, fixing things and general crazyness.
We did make a few bits for Caitlins mini beast project at school too :)
A frog and a lady bird if you wern't sure. ;)

I promise to be a better blogger from now on!

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  1. Lovely to hear about your busy week even with the highs and lows. I too completely missed a party once and only knew when I got the call asking if I was far away? I felt so awful that day! It happens to us all!


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