Thursday, 21 May 2015

London again!

Yep that's right I'm off to London again!!!
A few weeks ago I had a really lucky streak, no lottery wins unfortunately but I did win 4 tickets on a coach trip to London! The original plan was to go with my mum, dad and Mark but Mark wasn't up to it so he and my dad stayed home :(
Mum and I still went though and had a brilliant time :)
As neither Mum or I are partically flush we were trying to keep the day as cheap as possible. Thanks to Groupon, Tesco clubcard and other vouchers we managed to visit Madame Tussuads and a 3 course meal at Planet Hollywood for £20 each! Bargain!
Madame Tussuads was more fun than I expected, but to be honest if I'd had to have paid the £33 entry fee I would have felt a little ripped off. There were quite a lot of waxworks though a few I expected were missing. Benedict Cumberbatch for example was on the front of the programe, and the making of his waxwork was a bid deal but he wasn't there :s
Tinkerbell was though :)
The new Marvel section was good. Again not as many waxworks as I expected but the 4d movie was amazing! Honestly the best I've seen and I've seen loads now lol.
There was also the new Star Wars exibition which even though I'm not a huge fan I did find it impressive. It was an extra £3 each but worth that little bit.
It wasn't too busy when we went but can see it being a bit crazy in the school holidays, not so sure I'd enjoy it much then so glad we went when we did. :)
Oh, guess where I'm going next Thursday? That's right, London lol. Last year we took Caitlin to Disney on ice, as she went there we asked Cameron to pick a treat and he asked for a trip to London museums. We were planning to go last November but didn't have the money. Then the lady doing the cheap coach trips organised one for half term so we're off there too! Caitlin and Mark are staying home with neighbours so just me and my boy. Very excited :)

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