Sunday, 17 May 2015

London baby!!!!

Today was our trip to London. :) The kids picked it for their joint birthday gift and as there was a load of Shaun the sheep statues dotted around the city to hunt for we were all very excited :)
After jumping on a few tube trains, which Caitlin did NOT like, we came out at the London eye. Caitlin had been asking if we could go on it but once she saw how large it was she soon changed her mind lol.
This was the 3rd Shaun we found. I had got an app which was supposed to act as a GPS but the map was so small it wasn't much use and some of the sheep wernt where it said they should be but we made do. Was more fun being surprised when we spotted one tbh.
4 sheep down and it was time for lunch! We found a little italian called 'Bella italia' but it wasn't the one I thought it was lol. Still lovely though. It was really quiet so the staff made a big fuss of the kids and gave them crazy straws which they got to keep and take home :) Funny how the little things make such a difference.
Cameron said it was the BEST resturant he had ever been to. Made me laugh though that we went all the way to London, went to an italian resturant and what does he order? Fish and chips lol.
Few more Shauns then Caitlin spotted a Build a bear shop. She had said a while ago thats what she wanted to spend her birthday money on but I thought she'd forgotten. No such luck. Must admit while its pricey it is a good quality product and good experience. Caitlin picked a My little pony Princess Luna and the girl helping her was lovely. She had to help stuff the pony, pick a sound thing to go inside, make a wish and kiss a heart to go inside the pony and then pick a scent to go inside too! Once that was all done we were onto outfits. the shoes would be £20 which I dont even spend on shoes for me so said no to those lol. She ended up picking some hello kitty slippers, a little silver lead and a dress set. Next to register the ponies birth and name her (Flutter), throw in a special backpack to carry her around for the day and we were done! Cameron was a MUCH simpler affair. He picked a Toothless dragon, stuffed him, named him (snap) and put him on his back lol. I took out the much used credit card, paid and we were off with two very happy children.
We couldn't find the last Shaun on the list so hopped the tube to the next area. Mark was really struggling by this point despite frequent brakes and walking slow so we watched a few street magicians for a while. Caitlin loved them!
Shes not usually the most confident little girl so when I offered her some change to go and give to one I was very surprised that not only did she go but actually chatted to him for a few moments :) Apprently he's trying for Britains got talent next year and watching him he certainly could do well. :)
Rest taken and painkillers popped Mark managed to make it down to Nelsons column and my fave Shaun. :)
Look how cute the pigeon is! I love the fact it looks like stone too.
Por Mark had had enough by now and tbh so had the kids so was ice cream time :) As it was a treat day we splashed out on the hagen daz resturant. OMG I didn't expect it to be quite such a splash out lol. 3 scoops of ice cream each and a drink came to the same as a 2 course meal each plus drinks in the italian that morning!
Cameron didn't even finish his, that hurt lol.
All in all it was an amazing, and very very long day lol. We really lucked out on the amazing weather and I was so proud at the kids behaving so well and trying so many new things :) Both asked if we could go back in Summer so I think it will end up being on our Summer bucket list :)

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  1. Glad you had such a great day out! Shame I couldn't have been your tour guide as I love London and would have found those missing ones (or be damned!lol!)


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