Saturday, 23 May 2015

Babysitting and photos

Today I've been mainly cleaning, organising and planning. Tonight I was babysitting for my Mum so her and my Dad could go out to dinner.
Thinking I'd have some spare time while the kids played I took my laptop along to blog and catch up on some blog reading too. Then Mum handed me her laptop and asked me to find some photos she took a little while ago.
Do you know the last time my Mum sorted through her photos? 2008! 2008! It took me 3 hours to put them all into folders and sort them all out, by that time the kids were bored entertaining themselves and that job fell to me.
Oh well will read some blogs tomorrow!
In the meantime heres another layout :) Nice quick one as the background paper was so heavily patterned it didnt need much.
I did this one based on Jennifer Grace Focus your craft challenge. The inspiration prompts were:

Find a ‘focus’ related quote and use it on your next project

Make a photo border with washi tape, glitter tape, or ribbon (or all three!)

Add some text & picture overlays to a photo, digitally or physically

So I made this one :) I made the border with red glitter ribbon, then added some hearts and stars rub ons to the photo.
One of my fave photos from Disney, with the misty castle in the background and the kids big smiles. :)
Hopefully some scrapping time after food shopping tomorow :)


  1. What a fun bright layout. I love the "magic. I'm all ears" quote. Perfect!

  2. What a happy page, full of energy, love it. You have such a fun blog too, can't wait to check out some of your tutorials, the bind it all stamp book is intriguing me ... Just popped in to say you've won the stamp set on my blog hop giveaway :o)

  3. This page is great, so colourful and happy! I love the rub ons on the photo, and the glitter frame. Thank you so much for linking up to the Focus Your Craft & Soul challenge! x


Thanks for your comments. :)