Monday, 18 May 2015

Sooooo tired

Well was a bit of a muted household this morning. Poor Mark was bedbound but expected that. Didn't expect how tired me and the kids would be though lol. However Caitlin was star of the week in assembly and Cameron was showing his work at school so a day off wasn't really an option.
Cameron was easy enough to bribe with a promise of a special dinner. Caitlin however was a bit more difficult. In the end I had to agree to bring Flutter, a huge blue pony, to come watch her get her award.
The things we do for our kids!
Typically, the hall was silent, everyone quiet when I move my leg, accidently press the button and.....'My little pony, My little Pony, ahh ahhh ahh ahh!' yep the bloody music thing goes on. Wanted the ground to swallow me up.
Seeing cams work was much easier lol. love seeing how far he has come with his English work and volcabulary. Very proud Mummy. :)
As we're all exhausted an early night is needed tonight I think. You can see Caitlin agrees with me....
Funnily enough 15 minutes after this tantrum, and declaring she was NOT tired, was NOT going to bed and FINE she would just stare at the walls then, she was fast asleep :)

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