Sunday 31 May 2015

Things to do with washi tape.

People who know me know I like to get value for money. If there's a voucher or way to get something cheaper I'll find it lol. Likewise things I do buy I try to get as much from as possible.

Which brings me to this :) When I get a kit I try and challenge myself in two ways:
1 - To kill the kit as much as possible before going onto another one.
2 - Use only the items in the kit as much as I can.

This months 'Like for ever' kit included this roll of washi tape. I LOVE washi as it is so versitile! So I thought I'd share a few things I do with it. :)
Now none of these ideas are groundbreaking but I figured everyone starts somewhere and some readers might not have thought of these yet, so here you go :)
There's the usual way to use it of course, just put it on the paper as a ribbon type thing, use it to stick photos down, or you can make new embellishments with it.
First a flag. I'm obsessed with these recently but they are so expencive to buy new! You can make your own for less than pennies though with a cheap pack of cocktail sticks and some washi. :)
Simple as anything, rip a strip of tape and place over the top of the cocktail stick, leaving a little bit at the top.
Fold it round.
Snip to shape and you have a little flag!
Next, bunting. Again looks great on a layout but those 12x12 sheets are costly and limited designs. With some Washi and some embroidery thread you can make as many mixed designs as you have tape.
Cut the thread a bit longer than you would like your finished bunting to be.
Like with the flag tear off strips and place over the thread where you would like your flags.
Fold it round. As washi is very low tack you can gently pull the flags along to make them closer or further apart at this point.
To cut the bunting I find it easier to stack together, this way it is more of a unified cut. :)
Trim and done :)You can also use twine or coloured thread if you like to give an even larger range.
Last are one of my faves and really one of those 'Why didn't I think of that' moments.
With this kit in partiular I loved all the papers so I was reluctant to use the full sheets for punching shapes. To avoid this I pulled out some packaging from the embellishments most people throw away and of course, my washi tape.
Stick a few strips of tape to the packaging and....
punch whatever shape you like!
Hope these ideas are helpful to someone :)


  1. Please tell me you will not wait until you've finished the roll before moving on to our next kit! :)

  2. I've made washi bunting and flags, but not thought of using it to punch out shapes like that. Very clever :) Great set of tips.

  3. Some fab ideas here Gemma - thanks for sharing x

  4. TFS - love that punching idea. Would never have thought of that :)


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