Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Long day

Today has been a very long and tiring day. :( Without going into too much detail my Mum was having a rough day then I got crappy news too. Caitlin then scared the life out of me as when I picked her up from choir she was covered in a red rash!
Quick, frantic trip to dr and turns out its a reaction to the sun cream we put on her. Its the same type we always use so not sure if they've changed their formula or Caitlins just developed an allergy to it but some Piriton calmed it right down so thats good :)
Thank goodness Tuesday is Pilates night, needed a bit of relaxing lol. Hopefully tomorrow will be calmer!
So last layout for now :) I took this photo before Caitlins dance exam a while ago. My Granddad had not long passed and my Mum still kept the book from his funeral by some flowers. I wasn't sure what to call this layout until I showed it to Mark and he suggested 'Granddads girl' Obviously that's not what I went for but it made me think about Granddads nickname for Caitlin, Katy-lynn. He was the only one ever allowed to call her that so it was a special thing between them.

Love this range, particualy the metal broach like embellishments :)
Well tomorrow I've got a long to do list, including hama bead models for my nieces party bags. Hopefully will have them done and ready to share tomorrow night. Wish me luck!


  1. Such a pain when they change formulations of products and they then cause a reaction - I had that with a lipbalm with SPF in it - had used it for years and then suddenly a new tube made my lips blister, turned out they had changed the chemical that is the SPF component. Really sweet layout, love the colours and a lovely title too x

  2. Glad it was nothing major but still scary! Love the title you've chosen - it's perfect. Pretty page too x

  3. Sorry to hear about your scare! Your layout is pretty and I love the broach too!


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