Sunday, 20 December 2015

and relax :)

Well kinda lol. Between now and Christmas we still have dentist appointments, babysitting, shopping and panto, but the big things I need to prepare for are now all DONE!
Finished this Hama bead dream catcher for Mollie. This is my submission for this months SIPIDI Over at Fionas blog. Was something a little different for me to make so was really pleased with how it turned out. :)
Ive also snapped a few more for the Winter scavenger hunt!
8. A wreath
I already had this one but didn't make the link that I could use it iykwim. This is a wreath I made for my Mum from handmade roses. Took me the best part of a month but I love it. Might make one for myself next year.
13. Street art
I did think I was going to struggle with this one, but then when I took Caitlin town to get a jumper we saw this guy making a dog and puppy from sand. Caitlin was very impressed.
Anyway as I was saying all the big things I had to prepare for are now done :) Yesterday morning we went to my Grand to visit my cousin and her family. They live in Yorkshire now so we don't get to see them very often. Was lovely having baby cuddles :)
Last night was my annual Christmas party!
Well kind of.
Last few years have been bigish events. We've invited kids from school, neighbours etc and I've done party bags and everything.
However even though I do the vast majority of the work, the whole things seems to stress Mark out and he has more frequent headaches than usual. Two years ago he ended up in bed for 4 days with a really bad one.
Due to this he asked me to not do one this year :( But I love doing it, I love playing daft games and having Christmas themed food. So we compromised. I could throw a 'party' but we would only invite my Mum, Dad, gran and Mollie.
So thats what I did. Family, food and a few games :) The kids loved it, I loved it and Mark was so much more relaxed about the whole thing.
I want a big party next year though :p

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  1. Amazing street art! Both your creations are fantastic too. I'm not a great one for parties myself but it's a shame you couldn't have a big one ... perhaps you could have an extra 3 or 5 people next year :)


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