Wednesday, 2 December 2015

New stockings!!!

No nothing kinky, this morning Star brought us all new stockings for Santa to fill on Christmas eve. They were SO much bigger than I expected!! I usually hang them from the radiator cover but when hung they actually drag on the floor, which with an active dog in the house is an accident waiting to happen, so need to find somewhere else now!
I have to say I LOVE these! All are custom made, with designs picked to represent each person. Marks obviously was based on his role play game he plays with his friends.
Camerons was a penguin as he loves them. This one is extra special as this is the same embroidery I had put onto one of his cloth nappies when he was a baby.
Look at the pug on Caitlins! So cute!
Mine is a sweet little owl as I have a slight obsession with them lol.
They're all made of a super soft material too. Wish I could have a blanket made out of this stuff!
Well hopefully at the end of today I'll have some finished Christmas crafts to share. In the meantime though here is another layout done in Milton Keynes.
Lots of what I took with me were part used kits, or kits I had put together myself. I set myself a challenge to use up as many bits and pieces as possible and actually did really well using it up. This layout was done with the last of a kit I made at the start of the year so that's another killed :)
The photo is of Caitlin and my friends son Lucas at his first birthday party. Caitlin is not biggest fan of babies as 'they're loud and messy' in her words. Lucas however is such a well behaved little soul even Caitlin was smitten with him.
She has now decided she was three kids when she is older and get a big house with her friends and their kids.
Ah the innocence of childhood lol.

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