Thursday, 3 December 2015

Oh snap!

Star apparently decided that our kitchen needed to be a bit more Christmasy this morning, so made a little 'tree' out of my tassimo pods and covered it in ribbons. The kids found it VERY funny! I was less impressed as obviously I can't touch her, so I wasn't able to use one of my fave mugs all day. Oh well, :p
Now I did manage to get quite a few crafty things finished yesterday, however it is now 11pm and I've just realised I haven't photographed any of here is another MK layout instead lol.
Now I admit I'm quite behind on layouts for the Sketchy scrappers group on facebook (bad me) but I loved this clean looking sketch as soon as I saw it so made a point of starting with this one.
I loved the colour blue on the sketch so decided to keep that and borrowed some distress paint from Jess to do that background. I knew exactly what photo I wanted to use so a few extra embellishments and it was done!
Really clean and simple but I love it :)
The photo is from when Caitlin had her first haircut into a style rather than a trim. I asked her to smile nice for a photo and this was the pose she picked. She had just had a blueberry lolly so her tongue was a charming colour which nicely matches the blue paint lol.
Isn't it lovely when things work out :)

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  1. What a fabulous and fun layout. I only ever seem to remember to photograph layouts etc when the light is rubbish ... so annoying.


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