Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Fast forward (picture heavy)

I've said it before and I'll say it again, as soon as December starts it like everything happens on fast forward.
On a good note though I'm almost finished all my Christmas crafts, Camerons room is done, kitchen is done, bathroom is done, and some hama bead gifts I've been making are done too :)
A Doctor who stand up for Mark.
and a Mario stand up for Cameron. :)
I was going to do one for Caitlin but she has no space in her room for this kind of stuff so I'm making an image for her door instead.
I made salt dough figures with the kids :) Caitlin doesn't know it yet but the 'cakes' and 'biscuits' we made will go on her shop I'm decorating for Christmas. SO excited for her to open that!
In other news we spent Sunday morning having breakfast with Santa. The kids were more interested in playing hide and seek in the very empty resturant (seriously were only us and two other families there!) but did get some photos.

After breakfast it was off to the cinema to see 'The good dinosaur' Brilliant film but poor wee Cameron broke his heart! He's a sensitive kid anyway and he bawled his eyes out in the end.
So it's been a whole week and I've not blogged once. *slaps hand* I think like most other Mums I'm trying to get all the main jobs done before the kids finish Friday. Between normal household jobs, taking care of Mark and making sure all the school things (plays, parties, trips etc) it doesn't leave much time in the day! Things are calming down a bit now, calm before the storm hehe, so hopefuly blogging more now. I admit I miss it :) Its like therapy, babbling online about whatevers in my head.
Cheaper though :p


  1. It's looking a lot like Christmas around here Gemma. It never fails to amaze me how much you squeeze into your days.

  2. No wonder you haven't blogged. Those amazing hama bead creations must have kept you very busy. Enjoy your Christmas!


Thanks for your comments. :)