Monday, 7 December 2015

Family from the feet up

Star was VERY naughty this morning!!! I had left out the poster paints the kids had been using and she obviously decided that my kitchen needed some Christmas decoration!
The kids face was a picture, think they expected me to put her in the bin lol. Caitlin was quick to suggest Star might clean it off for me with magic. I suggested I just repaint the kitchen ;)
So today is reveal day over at Challenge YOUrself. This months challenge is to use this sketch, and your fave family photo.
This was my take.
Ok so possibly not the best family photo lol, but I love it and reminds me of a brilliant day out together. We were on holiday in Butlins at the start of the year and decided to go bowling. We don't go often as Mark gets embarrased that he can't really join in, but where we don't know anyone he tends to feel a little more confident I guess. :)
Anyway Caitlin had been given a camera for Christmas as was getting very snap happy, she told us all to stand together and took this photo of our feet. Little scrapper in the making.
I've used Like for ever 'Acorn avenue' kit. I'm SO behind on my kits! Christmas crafting has taken over slightly.
Love these little butterflies :)
Ok, off to go start painting the kitchen!

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