Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Good start :)

On Friday my Mum and I took an overnight trip to Milton keynes. As well as shopping, eating and drinking I managed to tick a fair few off my Winter scavenger hunt pictures!

3. Outside lighting
Beautiful huge Christmas tree outside the resturant we went to.

4. A star
Loads to choose from for this but I liked these balloons over an indoor stall.

5. A snowman
I'm not holding out much hope we'll be able to make snowmen this year (puddles no problem!)so snapped this one in B&Q.

7. Berries and/or nuts
I love this wreath we saw for sale, its covered in nuts and other edible things for birds! Love items which are pretty and useful :)

18. An arrow
Very important! pointing to the all you can eat cake and ice cream ;)

19. A fountain
Also from the resturant. I 'may' have got some dirty looks for sticking a bowl of ice cream under the flow rather than a marshmallow lol


Alt B An animal statue

Love these metal herons at the market.

So a good start made I think!

Alt C Metal railings

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