Friday, 4 December 2015

Winter scavenger hunt

Every year Star picks a charity to donate to in the kids names, last year was WWF and this year was guide dogs for the blind.
I'm proud to say that both my kids are very charitable and often donate their toys, clothes and time to a number of charities or volunatry organisations. Caitlin bless her sometimes takes it a little far and takes the weight of the world on her shoulders but I still think its a good quality to instill in them.
The cute little teddies dont hurt either ;)

Now I LOVED the summer scavenger hunt, though I lost track of time a little this year, so I was very excited to read about the Winter scavenger hunt organised by Eileen and Joy.
These are the things to find.
1. A robin redbreast
2. Tinsel
3. Outside lighting
4. A star
5. A snowman
6. A puddle
7. Berries and/or nuts
8. A wreath
9. A tree that has lost all its leaves
10. A windy day
11. Your favourite pudding
12. A fancy button
13. Street art
14. Afternoon tea
15. Candle light
16. A chimney
17. A ladder
18. An arrow
19. A fountain
20. Cutlery
21. Your own handwriting (this one is compulsory and cannot be substituted)

If you find any of the above hard to get you may substitute with one of the subjects below, except No. 21 which is compulsory.

Alt A A supermarket trolley or basket, filled with shopping
Alt B An animal statue
Alt C Metal railings

I've already got a few in mind so I'm confident I can do them all this time :)

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  1. I'm giving this a go too - good luck and have fun!


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