Thursday, 31 December 2015


OK so it's New Years eve and I'm blogging about Christmas, but it's the first chance I've really had!
So much for relaxing lol. But it's been a fun time anyway.
So what have I been up to? I held a 'crafting class' for Caitlin and Mollie. We made bunting and family snowmen canvas' This was Mollies with a Grandad snowman, Nanny snowwoman, Mollie snowgirl and Poppy snowdog :)
We had a scare when Caitlin banged her head pretty bad and it came up in a huge lump (she was fine thankfully) Mark had a scare when I got a slot for the VIP Next sale and spent £1500 (most of it will go back!) and I had a scare on Christmas eve when I went to turn on Camerons Ipad and it asked me for a password I have no memory of putting on it! :\
I tried everything I could think of and ended up getting locked out. Cue frantic googling to find out what to do next and being told to restore it on Itunes.
Turned out my Itunes was too old and needed updating.
Further turned out my computer was too old to update the Itunes. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I miss cassette players.
3 hours later finally managed to get it restored and I finished off the bottle of wine I had planned to save for the next day lol.
Christmas day was organised chaos as usual. I'd told the kids they were NOT allowed to get up until 7am. Cameron came bounding into our room with his stockings claiming his DS said it was 7:35.
No, it was 4am.
After trying in vain to get him back to sleep in our bed we gave up and went to open gifts at 5:30. Thank goodness for coffee!
Caitlin LOVED her new shop :) Well worth the hours of work my Dad and I put into making it. She's been playing with it daily since, never 'bought' so many sweets in my life!
Cameron loved his Ipad but the surprise fave gift was this Pikichu hat he got. I had to force him to take it off at bedtime because I was worried the sting bits might strangle him!
Scamp was a very happy boy with this ball Santa brought him :) Bless him he's easy to please.
So, gifts all opened we set off to Mums for breakfast. I had packed a bag containing all the family gifts the night before including the large glass pelican I had bought for Mum and kept safe since September.
Walking out the door I get knocked by an overenthusiastic Cameron and hear a sickening 'clunk' from the bag. :(
I knew it was broken as I could hear a grating noise when I moved it but despite Mark (who knows me so well) telling me to leave it I opened it to look at the damage.......and promptly sliced my finger open.
Seriously for such a small cut it bled! The blood was dripping off my finger in seconds and Caitlin was near hysterical. God love Cameron he hugged her and calmed her down while I bandaged it up, Mark moved the glass where it couldn't hurt anyone else and we set off again.
Nobody let me near anything sharp for the rest of the day lol. Luckily I'd also bought Mum a pandora charm so I still had something to give her.
Happy Nanny with all the grandkids :)
Returning home we found out Camerons wii u was broken, 10 days out of warranty. Luckily Game have amazing customer service and are exchanging it anyway but fx thats it for bad luck now please!! :)


  1. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Caitlin looks delighted with her shop. I bet you were as excited to give it to her, as she was to get it.

  2. Well is will certainly be an unforgettable Christmas! Glad you still managed to enjoy it. A very Happy 2016 to you all too x


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